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Domain search forms layout. Menu changes

Today we released a number of layout changes to our search forms, hopefully making them easier to understand and use. As with all new things, there may be some glitches here and there. What do you think, is there anything we … Continue reading

Quick Search now has keyword information

Typing a keyword into the Quick Search box now returns the keyword definition, related words and all Lists, where this keyword occurs.

Translate domain search results

With the help of Google Translate we’ve added an option to automatically translate generated domain names into 20+ languages. This works best with Keywords, Lists and Dictionary searches. The original English words are listed in the search results too. To … Continue reading

Top 25 domain search affixes with alternatives

Each day, thousands of domain searches at NameStation are performed with common keywords. The top 10 words account for about 50% of the searches and there is a lot of demand for available domain names with those affixes. Here is a … Continue reading

How to receive more Credit Points at Contests?

Credit Points are awarded for upvoted and winning names at Public Contests. For every 500 Points you receive, NameStation will transfer $50 to your Paypal account. When a new Public Contest is created, an alert is published here. Those who … Continue reading

Introducing NameStation

NameStation is a website for finding name ideas and available domains. People can get name suggestions, feedback and ratings from their friends. Businesses can collaborate and hold naming contests to engage customers. Every day new businesses are established, products are … Continue reading