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How to find better name ideas and earn more Talent Points at contests?

This article is often being updated with new tips and guidelines about maximizing your earnings at Public Name Contests. Quick Tips Subscribe to Contest Alerts. First entries get more attention and points. When adding names to the contest, use the Star icon … Continue reading

Looking for a business name – how to start?

What is the most common difficulty that people come up with when looking for an ideal business name? You probably think that the question itself is rather senseless, since there is no single problem; moreover, there seems to be a huge … Continue reading

Trouble with naming a business – NameStation wordlists can help

Compounds and clipping compounds NameStation’s conceptual wordlists include thousands of entries that could give inspiration for your own name searches. People normally pick a concept (or several of them) that in a way correspond to the message they want their company … Continue reading

Selecting the right Lists

Taking full advantage of NameStation’s name generators depends on knowing which Lists to select. We have over 170 niche wordlists that can be appended, combined and merged. Most popular niches are covered, but sometimes it takes a bit of experimenting to find which one is most appropriate. … Continue reading

How to generate web 2.0 names on NameStation?

You have probably heard about websites such as Pinterest, Zynga, Flickr or Instagram. Those names, characterized as web 2.0-ish, are a step forward from the ordinary names. From the previous article you got an idea what are web 2.0 … Continue reading

A Quick Solution: Naming a Company after Yourself

What do Hewlett-Packard, Armani, Bacardi, Cadbury, Calvin Klein, Fazer, Ford Motors and McDonald’s have in common? That’s right, all of these brands have been named after their founders. Naming a company after oneself is a very common practice in the … Continue reading

Top 20 Domain Search Keywords in December

In December 2011, over 1.1M domain name ideas were generated at NameStation. The following are the Top 20 keywords used in all domain searches combined. To have a better chance of finding a suitable domain with competitive words, consider combining them with Themes … Continue reading

Top 25 domain search affixes with alternatives

Each day, thousands of domain searches at NameStation are performed with common keywords. The top 10 words account for about 50% of the searches and there is a lot of demand for available domain names with those affixes. Here is a … Continue reading

User Guide

How to use NameStation most efficiently?  Following this guide will instantly increase your domain search expertise.  NameStation’s domain search tools are grouped into 3 categories: Random Names – no keyword is required Keyword Domains – search with a single word List Searches – … Continue reading

How to receive more Credit Points at Contests?

Credit Points are awarded for upvoted and winning names at Public Contests. For every 500 Points you receive, NameStation will transfer $50 to your Paypal account. When a new Public Contest is created, an alert is published here. Those who … Continue reading