How to receive more Credit Points at Contests?

Credit Points are awarded for upvoted and winning names at Public Contests. For every 500 Points you receive, NameStation will transfer $50 to your Paypal account.

When a new Public Contest is created, an alert is published here. Those who are quick to react have a greater chance of getting positive feedback. Alerts are also published at NameStation’s Twitter feed.

The key to earning more Points is posting creative name ideas. Learn from this guide how to make use of NameStation’s domain search features and find relevant names.


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  1. Inna Silkis says:

    Hello, I would like to know, how I can let the contest creator to notice my entries? I’ve competed in many contests here, but it looks like they choose someone’s else entries as the winning one and on top of all, mostly are the same people, who’ve been here the longest. I’d appreciate some feedback and your support. Thank you.

  2. Tauno says:

    Hi, thanks for your contributions! It’s true that some users have become quite experienced in domain search and therefore can probably find lots of relevant name ideas quickly. But with a little bit of persistence, you should be able to compete with them in no time.

    – First entries have a better chance of getting noticed. Subscribe to Contest Alerts, so that you could react faster. On Twitter or at
    – Mastering advanced search techniques and knowing which Keyword Lists to use helps tremendously.
    – There is an additional set of guidelines at

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