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Introducing NameStation

NameStation is a website for finding name ideas and available domains. People can get name suggestions, feedback and ratings from their friends. Businesses can collaborate and hold naming contests to engage customers.

Every day new businesses are established, products are invented, artworks are created, discoveries are made. Countless new names are needed to distinguish concepts, objects and individuals from others. The name you choose will be part of their identity, therefore it’s important to take time, do some thinking and research and perhaps get some opinions.

NameStation makes it all a bit easier. You can describe your needs, do brainstorming and engage people to get name suggestions, ratings and comments. Businesses can create teams to work together towards choosing the perfect brand names.

Finding Domain Names

In today’s connected world, having a memorable domain or screen name is vital for
brand’s identity, so in addition to collaboration and research, a big chunk of NameStation
is dedicated specifically to finding available domains.

Brandable names, dictionary domains, compound words can be created using various
linguistic, phonetic and semantic techniques. Hand-picked niche domains can be found in the community-powered catalogue.

Professionals and Business Users

Professional teams and agencies can collaborate, streamlining the process of selecting
strong brand names or choosing names for their clients. Domain industry professionals can
create custom wordlists to find undiscovered niche domains with high-value keywords. Naming Specialists can get listed in our directory and get leads for creative assignments.

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