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Changes to voting system to discourage mass downvotes

Contest Holders are encouraged only to rate the names they distinctly like or dislike.   Occasionally some of them used the voting system for sorting entries, which caused a disproportionate amount of downvotes. Therefore we are now displaying a warning … Continue reading

Downvoting previously upvoted entries no longer results in losing 1 Point

Contest Holders are sometimes still using Up/Downvotes for sorting entries.  When a previously upvoted entry was downvoted, it caused contestants to lose 1 Point, while the actual intention of the Contest Holder may have been resetting the vote to 0. … Continue reading

How to find better name ideas and earn more Talent Points at contests?

This article is often being updated with new tips and guidelines about maximizing your earnings at Public Name Contests. Quick Tips Subscribe to Contest Alerts. First entries get more attention and points. When adding names to the contest, use the Star icon … Continue reading

Separation of Shortlisting and Voting

Recent updates to entries sorting had a negative effect on voting – Contest Holders started using voting to manage shortlisted entries, and downvoted entries that were originally upvoted – to narrow down their shortlist. Therefore we have separated shortlisting entries … Continue reading

Contestant payouts are now made for every 1000 Talent Points

Starting today, payments of $100 are issued each time you’ve received another 1000 Points. Previously we issued Paypal payments of $50 every time 500 Points was reached.

Voting update – base score of an entry is now 0

An update to the scoring system was released yesterday. Previously, when a name was posted to a Contest, an upvote by the name’s creator was added automatically. New names got 1 vote immediately after posting. We have removed this automatic scoring, … Continue reading

Vote Ratio will soon affect Contest participation limit

As a heads-up, all contest participants should be working on improving their Up/Down votes ratio. Your 30-day average ratio will determine, how many entries you can post to a contest per day. These numbers may be subject to change: A ratio … Continue reading

Contest Entries limit before Voting starts

There is now a limit to how many entries each contestant can post to Public Contests, before voting has started. The reason being that the Contest Holders need to get a chance of providing feedback, before they receive hundreds of … Continue reading

New Feature: Aftermarket domain contests

Contest holders can now choose to receive domain  suggestions that are taken and sold on the aftermarket. There is also an option to specify the budget limit. The list of contests accepting aftermarket entries already has a couple of entries with … Continue reading

How to receive more Credit Points at Contests?

Credit Points are awarded for upvoted and winning names at Public Contests. For every 500 Points you receive, NameStation will transfer $50 to your Paypal account. When a new Public Contest is created, an alert is published here. Those who … Continue reading