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New Search Method – Invented Words

The new Invented Words generator matches popular prefixes and suffixes to your keywords. This works best with long nouns or adjectives. For example, searching with benefits results in names like Zenefits or Benergy.  For best results, try matching both by beginnings and … Continue reading

NameStation introduces a project-based workflow

With the latest update, NameStation introduces a project-based workflow for finding the perfect name. This enables our users define the project niche, organize ideas and work with other people. To create names, new users would start by creating a Project, … Continue reading

New domain search techniques at NameStation

NameStation has launched several new features to help you find available domains more efficiently: Alliterative names search. Create names with the same beginning or ending as your word, e.g. PayPal or SoundHound. Overlapping words search. Append words that have overlapping parts … Continue reading

Business Name Generator Lists

We’ve added two new lists for generating business names: Business Name Prefixes – containing words commonly used in compound business names, such as Archer, Pathway, Allied, Union, Imperial, Redwood, Open, Epic, Icon, Venture. Business Name Suffixes – words associated with … Continue reading

.COM.AU, .FR, .CO.NZ domain extensions added

NameStation’s domain name generators now support a total of 67 domain extensions. Today’s additions include:  .COM.AU, .NET.AU, .ORG.AU – Australia .FR – France .CO.NZ, .NET.NZ, .ORG.NZ – New Zealand See more at

Top 25 domain search affixes with alternatives

Each day, thousands of domain searches at NameStation are performed with common keywords. The top 10 words account for about 50% of the searches and there is a lot of demand for available domain names with those affixes. Here is a … Continue reading