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New Search Method – Three-Word Names

Finding good available 2-part compound .COM domains is becoming increasingly difficult, so today NameStation launched a new search method for generating three-word compound names. Simply enter a keyword and select two Wordlists to create almost unlimited random combinations. Use the … Continue reading

New Search Method – Invented Words

The new Invented Words generator matches popular prefixes and suffixes to your keywords. This works best with long nouns or adjectives. For example, searching with benefits results in names like Zenefits or Benergy.  For best results, try matching both by beginnings and … Continue reading

NameStation introduces a project-based workflow

With the latest update, NameStation introduces a project-based workflow for finding the perfect name. This enables our users define the project niche, organize ideas and work with other people. To create names, new users would start by creating a Project, … Continue reading

New Search Method – Transform Lists

Today we added a new way to search for domain names. The Transform Lists search enables you to select an existing Wordlist and apply the following character transformations to create new name ideas: Replace a random vowel Replace a random … Continue reading

Improved keyword research tools

We’ve made a number of improvements to NameStation’s keyword research tools. Now there’s a more convenient way to look up definitions, Lists containing a keyword and semantically related words. Click on any keyword to perform a search with that word or … Continue reading

New domain extensions added – .CZ and .LA

NameStation now supports generating domain names with .CZ (Czech Republic) and .LA (Los Angeles) Top-level domains. There are tons of 3-4 character names and dictionary domains available with both extensions, act fast to get the good ones!

How to find better name ideas and earn more Talent Points at contests?

This article is often being updated with new tips and guidelines about maximizing your earnings at Public Name Contests. Quick Tips Subscribe to Contest Alerts. First entries get more attention and points. When adding names to the contest, use the Star icon … Continue reading

New domain search techniques at NameStation

NameStation has launched several new features to help you find available domains more efficiently: Alliterative names search. Create names with the same beginning or ending as your word, e.g. PayPal or SoundHound. Overlapping words search. Append words that have overlapping parts … Continue reading

Dictionary support for Alliterations and Overlaps search

You can now select the language when generating domain names with Overlapping words or Alliterations. In the example below, we’re looking for a name for a strategic consulting business. We want the name to reflect reliability, vision, intelligence, inspiration etc. So … Continue reading

New List selection and search controls

To take advantage of NameStation’s most powerful domain search tools, it’s important to know, which keyword lists to use. There are over 170 preset lists that can be combined and merged, so a more efficient way of selecting and finding the … Continue reading