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New Search Method – Three-Word Names

Finding good available 2-part compound .COM domains is becoming increasingly difficult, so today NameStation launched a new search method for generating three-word compound names. Simply enter a keyword and select two Wordlists to create almost unlimited random combinations. Use the … Continue reading

Append popular suffixes to a keyword list

The List Suffixes search now has an option to choose between popular suffixes (such as io, ify, ly, isto) and generic nonsensical suffixes (such as eum, ead, sar, sen). Suffixes are added randomly each time you generate new results. This … Continue reading

Separation of Shortlisting and Voting

Recent updates to entries sorting had a negative effect on voting – Contest Holders started using voting to manage shortlisted entries, and downvoted entries that were originally upvoted – to narrow down their shortlist. Therefore we have separated shortlisting entries … Continue reading

New sorting and filtering options for contest entries

We’ve added a couple of new options for sorting and filtering contest entries: Unrated – gives the Contest Holders a better overview about which entries need to be rated. Voted Up/Down – filters by total score. Includes votes by other … Continue reading

Alliterative business names

Using alliteration is a great way to make company names more memorable. One of the main criteria that branding experts mention in relation to good business names is memorability. Think of it yourself: what’s the use of developing a great … Continue reading

Looking for a business name – how to start?

What is the most common difficulty that people come up with when looking for an ideal business name? You probably think that the question itself is rather senseless, since there is no single problem; moreover, there seems to be a huge … Continue reading

Trouble with naming a business – NameStation wordlists can help

Compounds and clipping compounds NameStation’s conceptual wordlists include thousands of entries that could give inspiration for your own name searches. People normally pick a concept (or several of them) that in a way correspond to the message they want their company … Continue reading

What are web 2.0 domain names?

Many of you reading this article are probably struggling with finding a great domain name for your business or have faced the challenge at some point. The most obvious domain names, such as,,, have been snapped up … Continue reading

A Quick Solution: Naming a Company after Yourself

What do Hewlett-Packard, Armani, Bacardi, Cadbury, Calvin Klein, Fazer, Ford Motors and McDonald’s have in common? That’s right, all of these brands have been named after their founders. Naming a company after oneself is a very common practice in the … Continue reading

The Magic of Verbing

During the last couple of years, an increasingly popular phenomenon has gained attention in the field of marketing – the verbing of business names. One of the most notable examples is naturally Google, a word that is probably applied more … Continue reading