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Selecting the right Lists

Taking full advantage of NameStation’s name generators depends on knowing which Lists to select.

We have over 170 niche wordlists that can be appendedcombined and merged. Most popular niches are covered, but sometimes it takes a bit of experimenting to find which one is most appropriate. For instance, if you need a name for an educational institution, you might find that there is no Education List. Instead, relevant keywords can be found in the Training and School Lists. Combine these with the Smart list and you’ll be amazed to see which domains are still available.

It’s worth trying all sorts of alternatives, even if they’re only remotely related to your business. For instance, when looking for a cloud hosting company name, you might find the right domain by combining the Weather list (containing words like atmosphere, sky and terms for different types of clouds) with the Containers list (box,  pocket, rack, bucket).

Universal Lists

Then there are universal Lists, which can be useful for almost any occasion. Conceptual Lists contain words that are associated with certain concepts. For instance, the Unique List contains words like direct, essential, target, limited.  The Secure List has words that are commonly associated with defense and security – shield, vault, trust, command.   In the Popular category, you’ll find the Top 1000 Keywords, short Prefixes and Suffixes commonly used in website names.

A separate List is also created for each Contest. These Lists contain keywords submitted by the contestants. Contest Lists can be continuously refined on the Keywords tab on the Contest page.

Requesting a New List

We often add new Lists and announce it on our Facebook page. If you can’t find an appropriate List, then you can post a List Request to our support forum and we’ll create or recommend one for you.

You can also create your own Custom Lists, we recommend that  Onelook Reverse Dictionary for finding conceptually relevant words .

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