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Vote Ratio will soon affect Contest participation limit

As a heads-up, all contest participants should be working on improving their Up/Down votes ratio. Your 30-day average ratio will determine, how many entries you can post to a contest per day. These numbers may be subject to change:

  • A ratio of less than 0.30 allows you to post 10 names to each contest per day
  • A ratio of less than 0.20 allows you to post 5 names to each contest per day

Long-term contributors with the highest yearly average ratios may be eligible for bonus payments.

How to improve your Voting Ratio:

  • Research the contest topic on Wikipedia to find related keywords
  • Ask questions in the Contest discussion, if anything is unclear
  • Use Onelook Reverse Dictionary to find related words
  • Add Contest Keywords – everyone can do so, not just the contest holder
  • Use the Techniques that the Contest Holder has liked – sometimes those are shown under the Techniques tab
  • Come up with new creative techniques. Use Alliterations, Intersections, List Blending, Name Templates. It helps to know, which Lists are available at NameStation.
  • See what kind of names are popular in the same niche. Use Google, LinkedIn and Crunchbase Categories to find out which keywords can be used.

As always, the purpose of these enhancements is to get higher quality entries for the contests and less noise. Based on the feedback, Contest Holders would rather like to get 50 relevant entries than 300 random ones.

Good luck with your domain search!

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