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Trouble with naming a business – NameStation wordlists can help

Compounds and clipping compounds NameStation’s conceptual wordlists include thousands of entries that could give inspiration for your own name searches. People normally pick a concept (or several of them) that in a way correspond to the message they want their company … Continue reading

New Lists – Innovation, Mechanics, Greek Deities, Reviews

Based on your requests, we’re often adding new niche Lists to help you find relevant domain names. As always, you can combine these Lists with others, append or prepend keywords etc. Here are a few recent additions: Innovation, with words … Continue reading

Selecting the right Lists

Taking full advantage of NameStation’s name generators depends on knowing which Lists to select. We have over 170 niche wordlists that can be appended, combined and merged. Most popular niches are covered, but sometimes it takes a bit of experimenting to find which one is most appropriate. … Continue reading