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Downvoted entries can be removed again

We have re-enabled the deletion of down-voted entries.

A while ago we had disabled this, because we received a complaints from Contest Holders about down-voting being meaningless and a high number of irrelevant entries. There is a delicate balance to keeping both sides of the Contest happy, so we have to experiment with different ways to do it fairly.

By introducing the Up/Down ratio to contestant profiles, we’ve created an additional incentive to focus on the quality of entries, rather than quantity. There is now also a flagging system, which will be tied to Points soon. A very limited number of entries has been flagged so far, and for objective reasons.

Although down-votes no longer affect your immediate earnings (since you can remove the negative Points), it is still better to keep the Up/Down ratio as good as possible.   In the future, we may create new Premium contest types, where more Points are distributed. Such Premium Contests may require a certain average ratio to enter the contest.

People may also wish to contact you directly (we’ll add a messaging feature soon), and they may look at your profile stats to make a decision.

Good luck with your domain search!

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