Feature Update: Talent Points and Flagging Contest Entries

Starting today, the value of a downvote is -1 Point, instead of -2 Points.

As part of our continued efforts to develop a more balanced awards system that would also increase the quality of name suggestions, we recently decided to prevent the deletion of downvoted entries. Afterwards it became clear that this can be a demotivating factor for contestants – especially since Contests holders often don’t  define the requirements in great detail.

We also analyzed the ratio of upvotes vs. downvotes, and decided that 2 points is just too much of a penalty for a downvote. So we cut it in half, to 1 Point.  Previous votes and points are not affected.

New flagging options for contest holders

We also added a new option for Contest Holders to flag irrelevant responses (see the screenshot below). Flagging doesn’t currently affect Points, but accumulating too many negative flags is never a good idea. For now we’re just collecting data, but in the future, flags may be reflected on the Contestant’s profile and they may be tied to the Points system. Too many negative flags may also cause the user to be banned from a Contest.

So please keep the entries relevant. Stick to the contest requirements and only suggest entries that you would like to use for your own business project.

This guide on how to find better domain name ideas may give you some inspiring insights and help save time when searching for names.


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10 Responses

  1. Aden says:

    I’m Contributor at namestation, but I dont like this option, its to be easy to grab point and moving up position. You must activating the block for remove name atfter vote option, and the contributor must received -1 point which cant be delete by remove. Thats fair and good rule for existence of name station. Thanks and best regards.

    • Noerman says:

      I have nothing against “New flagging options for contest holders” feature, but it does need improvement.

      *#1 & #2l should be view-able by contest holder and contestant itself

      Is this relevant?
      Flag it as: No, its using my pre-defined bad words | Likely relevant | Need improvement | On the right track | Maybe a winner

      Is this entry completely off-topic?
      Flag it as: Irrelevant | Not Pronounceable | Unimaginative | Offensive

      – Contest holder will be more likely to be active on his/her own contest
      – Entries will be easily expanded.

      – The voting feature will be abandon but NS contest will raise again its popularity due great finishing contests

      Other contestants, tell me what you think?

  2. eva says:

    I disagree with Aden. I just removed 16 entries from a contest where the contest holder down voted ALL of them after changing the requirements for the contest in the middle of the run. Of course my previously entered domain names did not meet the new requirements… why should I lose points for this??! This was completely beyond my control and I’m glad I can remove these names and get my points back.

  3. Noerman says:

    Hi Eva, based on “prevent the deletion of downvoted entries” feature, your removing action won’t be available anymore. Since by this week that feature will be fully integrated to the NS system.

    For now and then, will be harder to get cash point and also more of NS contests without decent suggestions or even contest winner defined. I believe that really downfall for NS contests in the eyes of future contest holder.

    For any other contestants, please speak your voice!

    • eva says:

      Hi Noerman,
      I thought the “prevent the deletion of downvoted entries” feature was cancelled per the latest post. Are you saying that is not the case due to some other information that you have? If so, I totally agree it will affect participation negatively. Look what happened today: a contest holder cancelled the contest within 24 hours of starting it, but before he did that he down voted all but one of my entries. I didn’t even get a chance to find out before it was closed and now I’m stuck with the loss… there should be a minimum time and/or warning notice to contestants before it can be closed early. Also, why isn’t it listed in the closed contest section ?

  4. Noerman says:

    Hi Eva, sorry for my late respond.

    I’m not really sure when the “prevent the deletion of downvoted entries” feature will be fully applied on the system, since I have (personally) contacted NS and speak up about my though regarding this new feature and how it will affect negatively to contestants.

    NS management does need to protect contest holder side but I believe NS will also protect our side as contestants.

  5. Denny says:

    I dont like the flag option, cause between great idea or creativity with the relevancy of suggestions are very very obscurity. That mean this option can make the creativity will afraid of that rule. On the next time it will minimalizing the quantity of suggestion and contributor at namestation. I hope you can change this option later and only -1 point that you do. Thanks for your attention. Best regards.

  6. Noerman says:

    After quite some times with this flagging feature I encounter massive flagging on contest that require of web 2.0 names creation.

    I can accept irrelevant flagging but NOT for the unpronounceable.

    Such as I accept “irrelevant flagging” on suggestion of ‘’ (for dancer in web 2.0 style) on a cooking naming contest but not “unpronounceable flagging” for ‘’ suggestion on the same contest.

    I wonder what ‘’ will be flagged by any contest holder? But if me I will say as “unimaginative” (flag)

    Base point is flagging doesn’t work for web 2.0 names.

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