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.COM.AU, .FR, .CO.NZ domain extensions added

NameStation’s domain name generators now support a total of 67 domain extensions. Today’s additions include:  .COM.AU, .NET.AU, .ORG.AU – Australia .FR – France .CO.NZ, .NET.NZ, .ORG.NZ – New Zealand See more at

Overlaps and Alliterations now in Keyword Domains

Overlaps and Alliterations are now part of Keyword Domains search, instead of Dictionary Domains.

Header redesign, search improvements

We just launched a couple of UI improvements.  The topmost search box now stays put, when you scroll down the page. This is especially useful in long domain search results pages. If you get an idea for a name, you … Continue reading

Quick Search now has keyword information

Typing a keyword into the Quick Search box now returns the keyword definition, related words and all Lists, where this keyword occurs.

Alliterative business names

Using alliteration is a great way to make company names more memorable. One of the main criteria that branding experts mention in relation to good business names is memorability. Think of it yourself: what’s the use of developing a great … Continue reading

Why should I sign up for NameStation?

Finding good domain names is getting harder. Conventional domain search methods require creative thinking, a bit of luck and a lot of time (or alternatively, a substantial budget). NameStation’s name generators can greatly reduce that time, but in order to … Continue reading

New Lists – Innovation, Mechanics, Greek Deities, Reviews

Based on your requests, we’re often adding new niche Lists to help you find relevant domain names. As always, you can combine these Lists with others, append or prepend keywords etc. Here are a few recent additions: Innovation, with words … Continue reading

Selecting the right Lists

Taking full advantage of NameStation’s name generators depends on knowing which Lists to select. We have over 170 niche wordlists that can be appended, combined and merged. Most popular niches are covered, but sometimes it takes a bit of experimenting to find which one is most appropriate. … Continue reading

How to generate web 2.0 names on NameStation?

You have probably heard about websites such as Pinterest, Zynga, Flickr or Instagram. Those names, characterized as web 2.0-ish, are a step forward from the ordinary names. From the previous article you got an idea what are web 2.0 … Continue reading

What are web 2.0 domain names?

Many of you reading this article are probably struggling with finding a great domain name for your business or have faced the challenge at some point. The most obvious domain names, such as,,, have been snapped up … Continue reading