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Trouble with naming a business – NameStation wordlists can help

Compounds and clipping compounds NameStation’s conceptual wordlists include thousands of entries that could give inspiration for your own name searches. People normally pick a concept (or several of them) that in a way correspond to the message they want their company … Continue reading

What are web 2.0 domain names?

Many of you reading this article are probably struggling with finding a great domain name for your business or have faced the challenge at some point. The most obvious domain names, such as,,, have been snapped up … Continue reading

New Feature: Aftermarket domain contests

Contest holders can now choose to receive domain  suggestions that are taken and sold on the aftermarket. There is also an option to specify the budget limit. The list of contests accepting aftermarket entries already has a couple of entries with … Continue reading

Top 25 domain search affixes with alternatives

Each day, thousands of domain searches at NameStation are performed with common keywords. The top 10 words account for about 50% of the searches and there is a lot of demand for available domain names with those affixes. Here is a … Continue reading