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NameStation has launched!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of NameStation.

NameStation is a social website for finding name ideas and available domains. You can hold private naming contests and get friends to suggest ideas, post ratings and feedback. A variety of high-end domain name search tools make it easier to find available domains.

For businesses, holding a naming contest is an excellent marketing opportunity to engage potentially thousands of contestants.

Here are some of the major features in NameStation:

Naming Contests can be created to get name ideas for a specific purpose. Contests can be shared with friends or a private team, responses can be rated. Later on, holding an optional Voting Round with selected name ideas helps filter out the best candidates.

Businesses can create Public Contests and offer awards to get customers involved in the earliest stages of brand development.

Various types of Contests are tailored for finding domain name ideas, brand names, personal names or any other types of names. There is an option to create a Contest to post available domain names only.

Domain Name Search. A big part of NameStation is dedicated to finding available domains. Never a simple task, but there are a number of ways to produce name variations automatically that can save a lot of time.

In addition to generating random name ideas you can work your way towards finding niche keyword domains. Keywords or lists of words can be combined with over 140 preset wordlists in plural and singular forms, random dictionary words or relevant related words can be added .

The Conceptual Wordlists we’ve prepared contain words related to concepts – e.g. fast, secure, unique, dynamic, smart, strong, positive, dynamic, simple, useful. For instance, if you’re looking a name for an anti-virus product, you would use words that are related with security and strength – Castle, Vault, Lock, Wall, Guard etc.

The challenge we tried to tackle was anticipating and eliminating dead-end scenarios. When there are no results, you should always be able to elaborate and continue the domain search to ultimately find suitable alternatives.

Excellent available domain names can also be found in the hand-picked domain names catalogue.

In the core of all this is the fast bulk domain search engine that allows checking over 40 Top-Level-Domains.

Incentives. While there are many people who gladly help others without expecting to get anything in return, most could use a little extra motivation. For those spending time coming up with creative name ideas for you we award our users with Reputation Points, which are given according to the votes given to their name suggestions. Points are only given for submissions to Public Contests and for contributions to the Available Domains Catalogue.

Reaching certain levels unlocks benefits like access to additional features or free Premium subscriptions. There are also ways to get paid for good available domain name ideas.

Social Naming. Connect your Facebook account to interact with your friends and participate in their Shared Contests. Share private Contest links  in Facebook and Twitter. Your friends can help with names for anything – when you get a new pet, need a new screen name, role-play character name, start a band or discover a new planet.

Trending Names. We’re monitoring the Web for buzzwords or new product names. There are potentially thousands of domain names needed that relate to words like App, 3D, local, social or brands like iPad or Android. For such names we’ve created lists of names to choose from, which you can extend by adding your own Wordlists.

Some other enhancements worth noting are:

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