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Why should I sign up for NameStation?

Finding good domain names is getting harder. Conventional domain search methods require creative thinking, a bit of luck and a lot of time (or alternatively, a substantial budget).

NameStation’s name generators can greatly reduce that time, but in order to be efficient, we need more input than a few keywords. Methodically following a funnel towards finding suitable name candidates helps you save time. Having a user account with us ensures that we can guide you through the process – even if you choose to take a few days off and and come back later.

Benefits of customized search

Having a user account enables us to offer customized services on a different level. You can continue refining your searches where you left off, create your own custom wordlists, save your favorites, search preferences etc. You can combine the keywords in your search history or append them to your preferred wordlists. Furthermore, if you decide to crowdsource your quest for a name, having an account enables you to start a name contest and interact with participants. If you have a little spark of creativity, participate in our Public Name Contests for a chance to earn Talent Points and win cash awards.

Funnel towards finding available domains

First-time visitors are looking for a quick validation of our service. Having a search box on the home page meant that each day, hundreds of visitors left our site after typing in “web” and not seeing the magic they expected. It’s quite impossible to provide relevant names with too little information, especially with a popular keyword like this. Therefore we created a guided funnel, which can be much more efficient. According to some of our clients, they’ve had entire teams looking for name ideas for several days. With NameStation, one person can master the advanced name generators in a few minutes. In terms of time spent selecting a suitable name – think hours instead of days.

Increased accuracy and quality

Having the sign-up requirement enables us to increase the quality of service. We can assure that there performance remains steady and is not affected by automated queries and bots.

Creating an account is free and it takes just a few seconds. Registered users can generate unlimited random domain names and hold private name contests. You can also connect with your Google or Facebook account. Create your account today

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