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Changes to the contest entries limit, before voting has started

When a public contest has 0 votes, each participant can post up to 10 names. As soon as there is at least 1 vote, you can post more. Contestants with a 30-day average vote ratio of less than 0.25 can … Continue reading

Voting update – base score of an entry is now 0

An update to the scoring system was released yesterday. Previously, when a name was posted to a Contest, an upvote by the name’s creator was added automatically. New names got 1 vote immediately after posting. We have removed this automatic scoring, … Continue reading

Vote Ratio will soon affect Contest participation limit

As a heads-up, all contest participants should be working on improving their Up/Down votes ratio. Your 30-day average ratio will determine, how many entries you can post to a contest per day. These numbers may be subject to change: A ratio … Continue reading

Contest Entries limit before Voting starts

There is now a limit to how many entries each contestant can post to Public Contests, before voting has started. The reason being that the Contest Holders need to get a chance of providing feedback, before they receive hundreds of … Continue reading

New domain search techniques at NameStation

NameStation has launched several new features to help you find available domains more efficiently: Alliterative names search. Create names with the same beginning or ending as your word, e.g. PayPal or SoundHound. Overlapping words search. Append words that have overlapping parts … Continue reading

Dictionary support for Alliterations and Overlaps search

You can now select the language when generating domain names with Overlapping words or Alliterations. In the example below, we’re looking for a name for a strategic consulting business. We want the name to reflect reliability, vision, intelligence, inspiration etc. So … Continue reading

New List selection and search controls

To take advantage of NameStation’s most powerful domain search tools, it’s important to know, which keyword lists to use. There are over 170 preset lists that can be combined and merged, so a more efficient way of selecting and finding the … Continue reading

Business Name Generator Lists

We’ve added two new lists for generating business names: Business Name Prefixes – containing words commonly used in compound business names, such as Archer, Pathway, Allied, Union, Imperial, Redwood, Open, Epic, Icon, Venture. Business Name Suffixes – words associated with … Continue reading

.COM.AU, .FR, .CO.NZ domain extensions added

NameStation’s domain name generators now support a total of 67 domain extensions. Today’s additions include:  .COM.AU, .NET.AU, .ORG.AU – Australia .FR – France .CO.NZ, .NET.NZ, .ORG.NZ – New Zealand See more at

Contest Points Tab

In the past few days, you may have noticed a few discrepancies occurring in the Talent Points calculations. We were working on a more reliable way to tally Points – and the new system has now been deployed.  If you … Continue reading